Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trikin' Tike

Ivan got a bike from my parents for his birthday. It came in the mail today and he was so excited about it, I could barely put it together. He kept walking off with parts before I could get them on! It was a "Diego" bike and he absolutely loves Diego. He rode it all afternoon. He rode it outside and inside and even sat on it to eat dinner. Tonight he brushed his teeth while sitting on it and then rode it into his room, parked it next to bed, crawled in and fell fast asleep. It was a great gift!

Middle Canyon Morning

This morning was a good morning. Pepper and I took my kids and the daycare kids up Middle Canyon here in Tooele and we had a blast. I gave the kids a list of things they had to find in the canyon. They found everything from rocks to branches to cows! Nora and Carter were head to toe dirt by the time we left. We took snacks and they ran all around. It was so fun for everyone. We were glad to be out of the heat and out of the house!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Adventure At The Park

Today was a very fun day for me and the kids. I took my kids as well as the kids that I watch everyday to Liberty Park to play in the water fountains. It was an impromptu trip and so they were all in their clothes but that didn't stop them from having a blast! They played for over an hour in the fountains. Even little Nora got into the action.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

One Big Bouncing Birthday!

This is our little family. I guess we are not so little anymore. This is one of the best days we have had in a long time!

Here people are seeking refuge from the sun in the garage. It was 103 degrees in Tooele the day of the party.

Matt helped Ivan open his presents.

It finally got so hot that we pulled out the kiddie pool so the kids could cool off. Most of them went swimming in their clothes. Here is Nora joining in the fun.

Above is Tyller, our neighbor and very good friend. She is 12 years old and she still knows how to ride a trike! "America, she's got talent!"

We finally got Nora into the Bounce House. She was not so sure about it when the other kids were in but when it was just her and mom, she had a blast.

Above are Aiden and Sean. They are very good friends of our from Tooele. Matt spent his high school years causing trouble with their dad Jason.

I couldn't resist spending most of my time inside the Bounce House with the kids. Here I am holding Maddison Myree. She was not so sure about the bouncing either but she came around eventually.

Here is Ivan's "Kung Fu Panda" cake. He calls it "High Punda." Although he originally wanted a "High School Musical" party he insisted that the cake be this one. So we had a multi-themed party.

Above is a picture of Claire attempting to break her neck. I was so suprised that we did not end up in the hospital with one of the kids.

This is a picture of one of our best friends Christy holding Nora. Nora adores Christy, mostly because she gets spoiled by her!

Above is a picture of Kori or as we call her Pepper. She is our niece on Matt's side. She is currently living with us and helping me with the selling the house and taking care of the kids. We have come to know her very well and love her very much. We are so thankful that she has been able to spend this time with us.

Above is Princess Maddie. She is one of Ivan's close friends. They were born 3 months apart and have grown up together. She and her sister Millie will be moving soon too. Their dad works with Matt and they are being relocated as well. We will be sad to not be able to play with them anymore.

Above is Claire Bear and Millie. They have been friend from the time that Claire was born. Millie is almost a year older but they have always wanted to play together.

Here's the proud Daddy!

They delivered the bounce house at noon on Ivan's Birthday. He was so excited I don't think he realized what it was. We climed in it immediately and it was nothing but fun from there.

Below are the pictures that we took of Ivan opening his presents first thing in the morning. It was about 6:30am and so they were still pretty tired. It was so fun to see how excited he was, especially about the "imaginex" dinosaur that we bought for him.

Three years ago today, our little man came into the world. Here he is with Mom and Dad. We were so thrilled to have a little boy in our family!

What an awesome day it was today. Our little man Ivan turned 3 years old today and as always we had a huge celebration. I have always been a huge fan of birthday's, mine as well as everyone elses. This year we rented a Bounce House from "Jump 'n' Joey's" party supplies here in Tooele. Notice my little plug for their business, they were so awesome! They came and set it up and came back and took it down. Our only job was to have an awesome time! We missed our family today because none of them could come but the friends that are closest to us came and we had a great time. Ivan was so excited the whole day. We all had an opportunity to get into the bounce house and it was so fun. Nora crawled all around naked none the less and laughed the entire time. It was 103 degree's outside but that didn't seem to stop the fun. We finally pulled out the kiddie pool and let the kids get wet in their clothes. It is so hard to believe that 3 years ago today Ivan was being born. He so small when he came, a mere 6 pounds and now he is such a hunk. He keeps us hopping all the time but his enthusiasm and smile keep us laughing all the time. He wanted to have a "High School Musical" birthday party so we bought all of the decorations for it. Days later when we went to get him a "High School Musical" cake he refused and insisted on a "Wally" cake instead. After all the ordering and paperwork for a "Wally" cake the bakery informed us that they were all out of that cake. I couldn't believe it. Try telling that to a three year old that has his eyes glued to the incredible "Wally" display cake. I nearly bought that one even though it wouldn't have been edible! Instead he settled on a "Kung Fu Panda" cake. He calls it "High Punda." So it was a multi-themed party. He had the best time and at the end when everyone had left we were able to go into the bounce house as a family and just enjoy one another. Today is one of the best days that we have had in a very long time. We are so grateful for the contribution that little Ivan makes to our family. He truly is a precious but exhausting gift!