Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gratitude and peace

Had an awesome experience I wanted to share. I have really been struggling with life in general since the baby was born. Our circumstances are very hard although I have to say we are blessed! I've been missing days past. Missing the days in our old house here in Tooele before we moved to Arizona. Missing Arizona and our beautiful house and friends there and longing to go back in time. 

I had the opportunity to talk to an amazing friend and read some inspiring words from the ensign that showed me that I was letting fear interfere with my faith. 

I talked with a some more amazing friends and came to the conclusion that I had to stop praying for things to be what they were. Those experiences are in the past for a reason and I was meant to learn from them, build on them, not relive them. I stopped praying for things to get better. I stopped praying for a miracle and instead began praying that I would be at peace with where we are, the circumstances we live in and the things that we have. It did not come at once. A few weeks have gone by and I do find my mind wandering back to easier times but today I received an answer to my prayer. I left the house to walk up the street to get Naomi from preschool and as I walked across the lawn it just kind of came to me. This thought and feeling of gratitude! Gratitude for the house that we love in, for the fact that as I leave my house to pick up Naomi I have 3 other friends headed the same place and their lies warm my heart. I am so grateful for everything we've been blessed with! I cannot begin to list the many charitable acts performed for us daily by friends and especially family. Without my father in law we wouldn't have a home. I will admit some fear creeped in and I though "what if we lose this?" But I quickly pushed it aside. I got the answer I had been praying for, my heart was softened and I feel true gratitude for where we are in our lives. I can testify that prayer works! I have a testimony that God listens intently to the pleadings of even the most desperate housewife a and I know that if we can be happy with where we are, God will get us where we are supposed to be.