Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Always something to be grateful for

Our little family sure has been tested and tried in the last 3 years. We lost our home in AZ after Matt had to have several Neuro surgeries. We almost lost Matt to a stroke, my daughter was hit by a car. 2 kids were hospitalized for severe infections and Nora broke her wrist last week! It sure doesn't seem to make much sense why we have been through so much but someday it will. In the meantime we have been so blessed. We lost our home in AZ and were able to move back home to be with family. We have a roof over our head due to extreme generosity from our dad. Matt had several Neuro surgeries that will keep him here with us longer. Matt survived his massive stroke and it taught us all that we are stronger than we ever thought we were. Nora was hit by a car and as a result we learned the incredible power of forgiveness and now have new friends that we absolutely love! Our 2 kids that were hospitalized for infections qualified for Medicaid so we were not hit with extreme medical bills. And in a all of this chaos our little Walker was born. For some reason he chose us! We have been extremely challenged in the last 3 years but more than that we have been EXTREMELY blessed.