Monday, July 22, 2013

The Refiners Fire

Things have been so hard lately. We have had good and bad things happen. We are thankful for the good and push through the bad but I am getting to weak to push anymore. I graduated from nail tech school which was a huge accomplishment for me. I almost quit so many times, especially after Nora was hit by a car. I can tell you one thing, the adversary was working so hard to stop what I was doing which confirmed to me that it was the right thing to be doing. I am so grateful that I am certified and will soon be a licensed and working nail tech. I have worked so hard to perfect this talent and it has paid off considerably. I have some clients already coming to the house and with much prayer I believe that the clients I need will come or that The Lord will find the opportunity I need to support my family. So graduating was definitely one of the good things that has happened. Nora's accident has taken so much out of us. The evening that it happened is one I will never forget. Ivan came running into the house yelling that Nora had been hit by a car and at first I knew that I must have misunderstood. When he said it a second time I tore out of the house. I could not get to her fast enough. The man that had hit her was holding her and although I was upset that he had moved her I would have done the same thing so I cannot fault him for that. It was a flurry of people and then police and an ambulance and then straight to life flight and to Primary Children's hospital for emergency surgery. She had a broken femur and a cracked jaw. I was feeling so many things. Helpless that I could not make it better. Guilty because I was not outside when it happened and exhausted because of seeing my baby in that much pain. The entire time we were at the hospital I was throwing up because of the growing baby inside of me which made things all that much better. We are moving through this though and Nora is improving and thank The Lord my nausea has nearly subsided :). 
We have been really blessed with this pregnancy. In the beginning it was scary because I am RH- and my body no longer responds to the rogham injections. This means my body tries to abort each pregnancy especially if the baby is not RH-. We had a couple of scares but we recently found out that our little man is RH- and going to be just fine! I am half way through my 22 week and feeling huge! We are naming our little one Walker and I am excited to end our family with another boy. Ivan has spent 7 years as the only boy and it is high time he had a brother. So things have been extremely hard but we just keep getting up. Through wage garnishments, law suits, strokes, accidents and autism we are becoming stronger people but it is damn near impossible walking through the refiners fire.