Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Adventures

So I have started school and I love it!  Some of the most amazing people are in my class and I love spending time with them.  I really believe that there was a reason I had to wait a little bit before starting school.  Without these girls and one in particular it just wouldn't be as fun.  I have made some new friends that will last a lifetime.  I am the oldest one in the class and I knew I would be but somehow I don't mind.  I have been doing really well and I am grateful for experience in school before now so that I know how to study and succeed. 
My plate is definitely full!  I home school during the day and it is a fight with these kids.  They loved it at first and we were doing very well but lately they have been quite a challenge.  I am counting down the days until it is over! 
Naomi turned 3 this last week. it's amazing how fast this year has gone.  We have learned so much this year through trials and tribulations and as hard as they have been I am thankful for them.  I am so much stronger than I used to be.  This month we celebrated Matt's first survival anniversary.  I was dreading the anniversary of his stroke and the memories it would bring but I decided that I was going to turn it around and instead of looking at it as the day my husband nearly died I would see it as the day my fighter of a husband survived.
Among all of these changes we have had some exciting news to share, we are expecting our fifth child! Barring any complications, this baby will be joining our family in early November. We are very happy. We have so much to be thankful for. We are very blessed