Saturday, December 15, 2012

"'Till We Meet Again"

I had some very heartbreaking but enlightening conversations with friends today after hearing the news in CT. The conclusion I have come to is that in these last days as evil continues to rear it's ugly head on this earth we are going to have to make our homes the center of all that is good. We are going have to rely on our little families as well as our neighborhood families to love, lead and teach our little ones. People say we cannot "Shelter" our children but I ask why not?? Why can't we do our best to shelter, protect and preserve them as we'll as their innocence? We each have a tremendous responsibility to come together as communities as I'm sure we will see with this community in CT. We will have to create safe havens and bunkers for our children because they were sent here to this Earth at this time by Our Heavenly Father to fight a tremendous battle. We must arm them with love from home, family, neighborhoods and above all our Savior. We are raising warriors. The babies that lost their lives in this battle this day will not be forgotten. They will inspire millions of parents to love deeper, hold tighter and pray harder. God bless the Strippling Warriors that lost their lives in battle this day against Satan and his followers. God be with their families and to these courageous children and teachers I can only think, "God be with you 'til we meet again..."