Sunday, November 10, 2013

Overdue Update

It has been entirely too long since I have posted and several people have asked me if I still keep a blog so I HAVE to update more regularly! So much has happened in our little world! Nora had her third and final surgery for her broken femur. It broke in her accident. They took the rods out that were holding the bone in place while it healed and everything went very smoothly! She is doing great. She has a little bit of a limp but with time I'm sure that will be corrected. I had the opportunity to work in a salon here in Tooele and learned a lot from that experience. I only worked there for 3 1/2 months before I needed to quit. It was a hard decision but it wasn't working for our family and the OB said I needed rest. This pregnancy has been very challenging. My body is so run down after years of consecutive pregnancies, fibromyalgia, Cushing Disease, a brain tumor and several other ailments. I feel so much peace knowing that this will be our last child. I am anxious to have my tubes tied! I am currently sitting around waiting for this baby to arrive. I have a very hard time walking. There is something wrong with my pelvis, it's either cracked or dislocated. So I sit and wait and hope that my water will break. I'm 39 weeks this Thursday and hoping they can induce me. This last weeks appointment was very discouraging. I was still dialated to a three and the baby was very high. He was at a -2 station so the doctor could not schedule an induction. I just cried. My poor doctor was so sweet. He just hugged me while I cried. I will be so relieved when this baby comes. We are very blessed to be adding this little boy to our family and I am thankful for him everyday.