Sunday, January 13, 2008

Surgery pictures

This weekend was a very unusual one for the Garff household. On Thursday I came down with what we thought was appendicitis. I originally thought it was gas. By 6pm I was in a lot of pain and crawling around the house waiting for my husband to get home. When he did he took me straight to the ER because what I was describing was much like what he felt when his appendix burst. The doctors at the emergency room ran every test you can imagine many of which were very uncomfortable and they could not find the source of the pain I was having. So they sent me home with some medication and said to come back if it got worst. Needless to say it got a lot worst by Friday morning so we went back. They ran some more VERY uncomfortable tests and then decided it would be best to admit me. I had started throwing up by then as well so they knew I wasn't faking. :) It was decided that surgery would be the best option, so they went in for exploratory surgery. They took out my appendix while they were in there but were still unable to discover where the pain is coming from. So we are on to more doctors and specialists but at least this surgery is over and I am home. I don't remember a lot of what happened over the last three days but here are some pictures of the pretty work that they did on my belly. Ignore the stretch marks and keep in mind I have had three children in 4 years. In other words pay no attention to the FAT!!! You can also see from the bruise on my arm that the nurse didn't exactly know what she was doing when she put in the I.V I have a bruise much like it on the other arm as well!


Queen M said...

Oh geeze Aubrey. I am so sorry. I thought I would bring you a Dr Pepper, but second guessed it becasue if it is kidney stones that isn't good right? Anyway I will probably bring you one later tonight.

Moma D said...

My poor baby! I can't believe they couldn't figure out what was wrong with you! Where is "house" when you need him? Sorry to hear you were hurting so bad! I wish you and your gorgeous husband and beautiful children a very Happy New Year! Love your guts, Moma D