Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring break at the zoo

This week has been so fun for us here at the Garff House. We have had some extra visitors, they are the siblings of one of the little boys that I watch. Today we went to the zoo. We took our lunch and we spent 3 hours exploring every inch of the place. We had so much fun but we practically had to crawl to the car because we were so tired afterward. On the way home, the older kids asked if we could go see President Hinckley's grave site. We explored the wrong cemetery first but it turned out to be a good thing because we ran into a heard of at least 20 deer. They came right up to the car, they were so beautiful and the kids were amazed. After finding the right cemetery it was not hard to find President Hinckley's grave. It was so neat to be there. The stone for the monument was made from excess rock from the SLC temple and the conference center. People had left little trinkets at the grave site. There was even a cane with a white hankerchief tied around it. I don't think it was his actual cane but wouldn't that be cool? Here are some pictures of the kids near the monument. One of the kids also found the grave site of David O. McKay. It was an amazing and informational day for all of us. It was sort of like being on a treasure hunt! We had a great time.

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