Thursday, March 13, 2008


It is getting so much warmer here and we at the garff house are very excited about it. Every afternoon we try to go out and play for a couple of hours. The latest favorite is to take out the camping tent and run in and out of it. Ivan loves to spend time practicing his casting with his Shrek fishing pole. We are just so glad not to be pent up inside all of the time. Our kids have far too much energy to be inside all day. We have cut down on the number of kids we have here everyday and it has been nice. Not so crazy. Daily I have my kids and Carter. We also have a neighbor boy some of the time and of course we still have Kirstin, my sister in law. Here are some pictures of our outside fun. Check out Claire and her toy poodle in matching dresses and clunky shoes! the shoes are 3 sizes too big for claire but she loves them!

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Queen M said...

I am SO happy for the good weather. We need to get together.