Sunday, May 11, 2008

Big Boo Boo

Yesterday Claire and Ivan were getting ready to settle down for the night and watch a movie in our bedroom. They were both jumping on the bed. I told them it was time to stop jumping and lay down. Claire jumped flat on her back hoping to hit the pillow. Instead of hitting the pillow, her head hit the edge of Matt's night stand. She screamed and screamed. I consoled her and then went to put in the movie. When I turned around she had moved up to the pillow but the place where she had been had a blood spot. It was then that I realized that she had cut her head. We took her to the neighbors house because he is an E.R. nurse. He cleaned it for her and said it might need a staple but she would probably be okay if we took her home and put ice and pressure on it. We did that and she seems to be okay but the cut looks really sore and there is a big bump there too. She has been a good sport to let me clean it and check it. Here are some pics of her big boo boo.

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