Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Job Offer

Today Matt was offered a transfer with his company. The transfer would move us to Arizona. We are seriously considering the move although it would take us away from our families. That is the thing that we are worried about the most. The offer is great though. They are offering a cost of living raise that is quite nice and a transfer bonus. The letter that he brought home was 7 pages long and outlined everything that the company would pay for. They will pay for all moving expenses and an all expense paid trip to Arizona before hand to look for a house. We have been in contact with a realtor in AZ and are thinking about putting our house on the market this next week. Matt and I are still weighing all of the pro's and con's. We are going to take advantage of fast-Sunday this weekend and try to get some answers. I am leaning more toward the move because of the oportunities it might open up for our litttle family. Matt is more aprehensive so we have some talking to do. Whatever happens it will not be without a lot of praying and thinking. We will make sure that it is the right move for our little family.

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