Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a day!

Today was still a busy one but it did offer a bit of a break from the recent hustle and bustle. The kids and I were out the door first thing for breakfast at McDonald's (yay...) and from there it was off to buy our deluxe edition of Sleeping Beauty which according to our television will never be released on DVD again. What it failed to mention is that a year from now it will be released again (I'm sure) on blue-ray or whatever new technology has surfaced. Advertising is great isn't it??? While we were out we were able to get ourselves a Wii! This is the greatest invention ever. Forget the wheel man, this one is going to save our bacon for the next month. The kids and I were actually able to stay in the hotel room for over an hour without anyone getting seriously injured, spanked or crying! That was awesome because we have been on the go trying to keep them entertained so that none of the above would send us to the crazy house. Tonight we went to dinner at Claire's new favorite restaurant called "5 and Diner." She says it's her favorite because they have French Toast. This is ironic because so does "Jack in the Box" and she wouldn't eat it after we ordered it for lunch. We got some great news today and that was that the house in Utah is right on track and we will be closing on time if not sooner. We have 3 houses here that we are considering but we are also considering renting a house for a while. At any rate, we are probably in it (here at the Extended Stay America) for the long haul. At least we are not living in the car although it may have more square footage.

Nora finally got that job we insisted on. I'm pretty sure the bottle violates some sort of health code though...

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