Friday, November 7, 2008

Chloe #2

Well, for those of you that know me this will come as no surprise, we got yet another animal. It's a cat and Claire named her Chloe. We have already had a cat named Chloe and she ran away...we are hoping for a better outcome with this one. When we got into the new house, Leah (our dog) began chewing up the door frame in the laundry room and pooping on the carpet. I had known for a while that she would probably have to go to a new home but we could not find her one before we left and I was not going to take her to Tooele's pound, that place is awful. So after she chewed up a wall in my brand new house, I had to take her to the animal shelter in Phoenix. I had promised the kids a cat and I had heard that they would keep the scorpions away. I contemplated getting 10 cats if that was the case but we settled for one. Claire had gone with me to surrender Leah and at the same time we looked into adopting a cat. Claire helped me pick her out and she is just as sweet as she looks. We had to leave her there overnight to be spayed but we picked her up yesterday and she is starting to feel right at home with us. Believe it or not we are sad to be rid of Leah, especially Matt which is funny because he didn't want her in the first place. Don't tell anyone but Matt is an animal lover at heart. We will always remember her but the nice thing about this animal shelter is that as long as the dog shows no aggression they guarantee it will not be euthenized. Leah doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body so I know she will go to a good home. When we went back to get Chloe I was so glad that we went to another part of the building, I couldn't bare to see Leah again and not bring her back home with me. I never thought I would be sad when she was gone, I have cursed that dog since we got her but my heart hurts a little when I think of her.

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