Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sick to My Stomach

I cannot even say that I am angry right now, just sick to my stomach. I was watching one of my favorite shows "Law and Order" and there was a plot line that had to do with the FLDS church. Within the first 10 minutes they showed a white t-shirt that had been marked in certain ways that only endowed members of the church should be familiar with. There it was in black and white on local television for everyone to see. This is something that is supposed to be held sacred and it just sickens me that they would post that on TV. I am aware that the writers of the television show may or may not know what our religion is about but they should get their facts right before they show something like that. Again I know that will never happen because in this country we all have free speech but I have the freedom to turn off the *#@** TV! I think I am so upset about is that so many people who don't know about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, confuse us with the FLDS church. For heaven sake, when everything in Texas was happening with the FLDS church, the news even got the two confused. In Sunday School last week we talked a little bit about this and they made an excellent point. They said that we can use this as a missionary experience. For those who think that we might be affiliated with the FLDS church, we can tell them we are not and then explain our differences. I know that this is all just a fulfillment of prophecy and that we are in the last days but it made me sick to see something that I hold sacred displayed at all and displayed with very little respect on television. The Latter-Day Saint Temple is a very sacred place where Jesus himself has been. One can feel his presence when you enter. I am in awe whenever I enter myself at the peace that accompanies me throughout it's halls. There is no better place on earth. I know that things are only going to get harder as we come closer to the time when Christ will come again but now that I am starting to witness these things I worry so much for my little children. I worry so much that their innocence is being taken from them at such a young age. I have so much guidance over what they witness and learn right now but even with my guidance, they are still picking things up, even from daytime commercials. I know that if I do my part to raise them the way that the Lord and the First Presidency of the Church has asked me to that I will have done my best but there is still a measure of uneasiness there. I just wish that life did not have so much unpleasantness to offer.

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