Sunday, November 23, 2008


OMG! I cannot believe how good this movie was. I think you have to read the book to fully appreciate the characters but my goodness did they do a good job casting Edward. I give him 2 enthusiastic thumbs up! Matt went to see it with me and even he thought it was "okay" which is a big deal because usually he thinks the movies I pick are lame. It was the first date night that Matt and I have had in over 3 months and it was perfect. We went to dinner and then the movie. Our awesome neighbor watched our kids for us which was no easy task because she has 5 of her own! We owe her big time! Well, I cannot wait for the second movie to come out. I want to see more EDWARD! And the best part is, my husband doesn't care if I swoon over him, I mean I watched how many seasons of buffy the vampire slayer so he could oogle willow???? :)

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Queen M said...

I am on the fence. I thought they did good with most things, but it was very evident that they had a little budget. I am just hoping for a larger budget with the next one. Oh, and Edward grew on me as the movie went on. Jasper was just way to wierd. :)