Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas at The Garff's

Well, if that was Christmas, we had it. It was a hard year. It was so good to have Matt's family here but I still wanted to just go home. I was not feeling well almost the entire time that they were here and poor Vicki did most of the meals and everything. I've started feeling better the last 2 days but I was just poor company to be around. Santa found our house but it just wasn't the same as other years...
On a lighter note, Ivan was very upset on Christmas morning because Santa had brought a Batman bike. Apparently because it was Jesus' birthday, Ivan said "Jesus wants a sponge bob bike!" Claire asked only for a guitar and when Santa brought it, it didn't work. Santa was just not on the ball this year! Nora got a stuffed dog backpack that has a "leash" that we can hold to keep track of her. She insists on walking everywhere we go but she does not follow very well. Well, it was a hit because she didn't take it off for three days. She slept with it on and everything. She is a very easy one to please. On Christmas Eve the kids got to open one present from us, Pajamas. Claire got Camp Rock, Ivan got Sponge Bob and Nora got Little Mermaid. They were so excited. We even spread oats and glitter on the grass in back so that the reindeer would have something to eat and glitter to light there way here.

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