Thursday, December 11, 2008

HORRIBLE Idea And to those of you shaking your head in agreement, I am sticking my tounge out at you right now. So we took in "Mister" the cat and we had him for a little over 24 hours and someone bought him. They had him posted for over 6 months in 2 different papers and not one call. We take him and within 24 hours he's gone. Now, I was right, I can foster animals because it was not hard on me at all to say goodbye even though he is such a sweet cat. Claire did not take it so well. She did not take it well at all as a matter of fact. There was over an hour of crying and screaming and calling me names before they came and got the blankety blank cat. So, live and learn I guess, we will not be fostering anymore animals ever. I do wish that we had the kind of money where we could have bought him though because he was so sweet and so mild tempered but so is the cat that we rescued from the animal shelter and she only cost $25. So I guess it was a horrible idea to say the least.

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Queen M said...

So did you go get another cat? Shanking my head, he he.