Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Family Day!

Matt is home from work today and I am so grateful! Nora is sick and so it has been nice to have him home for support. We decided to all walk to the park, even Nora because she isn't running a fever anymore. Ivan and Matt threw the football which is something Ivan has been asking him to do for a long time. It got pretty cold though so we opted to come home for naps instead. Here are some pictures of our little adventure.


Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for the comment. I love your pictures, your family is so adorable! I hope everything is going better for your youngest daughter and she is feeling better. You are so amazing to me, and I appreciate all your support you give me thru my weight loss. Hope all continues to go well, you and your cute family deserve the best. Take care.

Lynnette said...

Love the slide show! So glad you're feeling better. Hope Nora gets well soon! Love ya! Lynnette

Nicole Scoubes said...

Aubrey, I was happy to see your cute blog and even more excited to see that cute family you have! I have thought abput you often over the years and hope the best for you and keep you in my prayers! I have lots of down days too and it's much harder than people think to be a Mom, But I hang in there and pray alot too! If you ever need to chat please do!
love Nicole Cable Scoubes
P.S. my blog is