Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pink Eye???

Holy crap I cannot believe our luck lately. This morning Ivan woke up with what looks like Pink Eye. We cannot get him into the doctor until later today and so now all of my kids, the daycare kids and now the neighbor kids have been exposed. I was hoping that it was just a cold in his eye but when I look it up on WebMD it says that with his symptoms he needs to be seen by a health professional. I swear we are jinxed! It has been exhausting taking care of my children this last week because they have all been sick! I can't wait until everyone is better and we can go back to playing at the park everyday and having fun outside. This whole staying inside because we are sick thing sucks!

1 comment:

Queen M said...

Awe man that sucks!!! Sounds like you guys need to stock up on magic soap.