Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Swimming in February!

It is 84 degrees at our house today and can I just say that I am terrified for summer to come! We decided that it was high time we got out the above ground pool. The neighbors came over and the kids all had a swim. If I hadn't had to walk up stairs to get my suit, I would have been in there too. I am just too tired and too lazy these days. They had a blast though and we decided that we need to get a better above ground pool with a safety cover because Nora is going out the doggie door to get to the pool. We are going to visit Tooele in a few weeks and it will be weird to have to wear coats. I guess we'll get a little bit of the best of both places. Here are the pictures from our swimming adventure today.


Stephanie said...

I can't believe your weather! When are you coming to Utah? Hope my trip didn't cause you guys any problems. I hope all is well with you guys & I am so excited to come and see you!!!! Take care and stay cool down there in Arizona.

The Warner Corner said...

That is so NOT fair! I'm jealous. Looks like fun! I still can't believe you are in AZ!