Thursday, February 5, 2009

What a great time!

Tonight was just what I needed. I had two friends over to watch Grey's and we had an awesome time together. Today I was able to finish up my backyard weeding, get the canopy over the patio and sit outside in the shade with a book. It felt like home for the first time. It was a good day. All the windows were open and it just felt like summer. We were going to get the pool out tomorrow but it is supposed to rain. We are working on rigging our canopy with a mister so that in the summer when we sit outside we won't die of heat. We are planning on spending a lot of time inside but I know we will need to get out a little. We have 2 big box fans too that are going to be added to the patio to keep us cool. Isn't it crazy that it is February and we are making these kinds of plans? I am excited today and that is an emotion I haven't felt in a while. Saturday night Matt and I are going to go see a movie with some friends and I am excited about that too. It has taken longer than I would have liked to build a network of friends out here and while it's small, it's awesome!

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Queen M said...

I hear ya on it only being Feb and planning the summer stuff. While the temps are a little cooler here. The flowers are starting to bud and the grass is green and ready to mow. I am really grateful for the tree cover we have that will help a lot with the heat. But unfortunatly, we won't be able to escape the humidity.

Glad things are looking up.