Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well, it is definately going to be a very hot summer. I hope that we can handle it. Today we stayed inside quite a bit because of the heat but I finally gave in and let the kids get in the pool. Our shade was ripped to pieces by the wind and I will tell you what, AZ sun can fry a girl in less than half an hour. It was a good day but hard this evening. I am still getting so emotional over the smallest things. I think my soul is just a little sore right now but I am getting better. It's still hard to see new babies because I feel so strongly that we are supposed to be having another one right now. There have been three other times I have felt like this and we have the children as a result. I guess all in good time. I am just tired of being tired. I am also just tired of crying! I think I need to call my shrink before I dehydrate.

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