Thursday, April 16, 2009

Subsitute Baby

The last two months have been some of the most trying months I think anyone could go through. We have been so excited to welcome a new baby into our family but neither one of them made it past 6 weeks gestation. I don't know why this has happened or what the Lord has in store for us but we are taking a break from trying to add another person to this family. Instead we added Gidget, our baby yorkie. She is so beautiful and hasn't left my side all day. A good friend of mine in the ward gave her to me and I don't think she knows what a miracle it was to me. There is no way we could afford to buy a yorkie and I have wanted one for some time now. She is the perfect thing to ease our pain right now. It has been a wonderful distraction for the kids too because Claire and Ivan are dissapointed about the babies too.

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Lynnette said...

Im sorry for your loss. Yorkies are sooo cute. I miss my Muff. Enjoy, they definitely help ease the pain.

Love ya,