Monday, June 22, 2009

Family Home Evening

Tonight we had a wonderful surprise when we checked the mail! Aunt Sara and Uncle Ryan (Matt's brother and his wife) had sent us a package! It was a movie and candy which is so great because we love both! For FHE we made thank you cards for them and we also made a poster with pictures of our family members on it. It is missing quite a few members right now, I have to go through our computer and find more pictures. We hung the poster in our little living room so that we can see our family that is not here, especially when we miss them. I was very excited to have this FHE because we have missed our family so much and I thought it would be a great. Matt had fallen asleep while I was preparing the pictures and it was nearly impossible to wake him up. Vicki is here and she said that he feels "unnecessary." I just don't understand how that could be. I tell him all of the time how much I need him and how thankful I am for the work that he does. So Granny Vicki and the kids and I did most of FHE without Matt until I could wake him up.
Things have been better while Vicki has been here. It is so nice to have help. Matt is a help but he just can't be here right now. He is at work, even when he is at home. I applied for 4 jobs today and I really hope one pans out so that Matt isn't so stressed and we can be a happy family again.

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