Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For Sale

For Sale, one life completely furnished.
Comes with a body that does not function at full capacity and hurts daily for hours on end. Body has also undergone endless surgeries for everything from a brain tumor to gall bladder and appendix removal. Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia thrown in at no extra cost.
Body comes with no warranty and comes in as is condition.
Comes with a mind that cannot function without heavy medication and a heart that is burdened and broken with the loss of three children.
Fully furnished with a house that is never clean and children that are never happy. Comes with a husband that is over-worked and under paid.
Comes with the promise of hardship and new challenges daily that seem impossible to conquer.
Bonuses include an overdrawn bank account and insurmountable debt.
Comes with a soul that is weary and longing for home.
If interested contact a medical professional regarding your sanity immediately or turn and run in the opposite direction.


Paige said...

Oh Aubrey, I know there is nothing I can say or do to make things better, but I truly am so sorry for all you are going through. You are an amazing person, and it shows in bounds. I have certainly had my hard days, and a few medical issues, but it doesn't compare. Here is sending you all the good Karma, energy and anything else I can muster up for you. We really should catch up sometime, it has been way too long. Don't you miss those high school days? Ok, me neither, but sometimes I wonder, they were much less complicated.

Stephanie said...

Please hang out it will get better! I am living proof, I am here and made it through this past week for a reason. We are here for each other, and will continue to be. Please call me when you can and when it is right for you.

todavine said...

Hang in there. When it rains it pours but after the rain comes the rainbow. I can relate to the kids not listening part.

todavine said...

sorry I meant to say I can relate to the kids who are never happy.