Monday, June 1, 2009

How do I get myself into these things?

I took the kids for a fun time at the splash park in the San Tan village today. They had a great time. I was glad that I had my ipod because it was really boring sitting there alone while they played. After they played we went into children's place and spent some money that we really didn't have on shoes for Nora. Ivan and Claire both started throwing fits because I didn't buy them anything. Truth is, they usually get things and Nora doesn't but try telling them that. So it was turning into disaster anyway. We got in the car and the gas needle was buried in the red. I swear I had more gas than that when we got there. I was trying to get to the nearest gas station and suddenly putt...putt...putt. Out of gas. The kids and I ended up walking almost a mile in the arizona mid-day heat to buy a gas can and some gas. The check-out girl was so nice and gave us a ride back to our car. It was great, she commented on how I had my hands full with the three kids. She asked if we were catholic or something because I had so many kids...I said, worst, we're mormon! We both laughed and she said that although she wasn't mormon and didn't really know many, she thought we were nice. crazy but nice. She couldn't believe I had three young kids and wanted more. I was so thankful for her charity towards us. My poor kids were so hot and I only had a small stroller for Nora. It would have been a long walk back to the car. I don't know how or why I always get myself into these messes but I do!

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