Sunday, June 21, 2009

Penny in Your Shoe

Today at church I heard a great talk. Usually we don't hear the speakers at all but we were one child short, (Claire was home with her granny because she did not feel good)and so listening was a little easier. A girl from our young women's group gave a talk and read a story from a church magazine. The story was about a high school student who's seminary teacher gave her the challenge to put a penny in her shoe and everytime she felt the penny, she was to pray. By the end of the week she no longer had to use the penny in her shoe, she remembered to pray on her own. This is something I want to try because there is so much I need to pray about right now. So much that I am thankful for and so many things we need help with. Matt and I have to seriously cut costs right now and there are not many places we can cut so I need to take it to the Lord and receive some inspiration. I will say that I there are many good things that have come of our financial hardships. I have learned to make so many things from scratch in the kitchen. I have discovered a love for cooking that I did not have before. I have learned alternative ways to clean my house and ways to save money that I never knew about before. It is quite fulfilling to know that you are saving so much money in different places. I know there will be an end to these hardships but it is very hard to see it right now. So starting tomorrow and I am going to put a penny in my shoe so that I can be reminded to take my every concern and my every feeling of thanks to the Lord.

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