Friday, June 26, 2009

Pretty Good In My Opinion!

Today went pretty well on my opinion. Tonight was a challenge but that is because it was not a standard evening, we had friends over to watch a movie and so there was 8 kids here. It went well until they all started running around. It is so hard to be consistent when friends are here but I was! Ivan would not settle down and after a few too many warnings he had to go to his room and watch the movie from there. He tried everything he could to get out of that room. I finally had to go in and lay with him until he fell asleep, which did not take that long. I feel like a drill Sargent sometimes but it seems to be working and I don't have to yell. I can't believe I have been doing things the hard way for so long. I wish would have been more consistent from the beginning but we all have to learn things and this was just one of those things I had to learn.


Queen M said...

Welcome to the mean mom club. :)

My mom used to tell us that there was a competition between the moms as to who was the meanest. And she was in the lead.

I didn't understand fully until I became a mom.

Great job!

todavine said...

My son one day told me, "I'll be your best friend." I told him it wasn't my job to me his friend but to make his life misserable.

Good Job!