Saturday, July 18, 2009

Take Your Junk

Doubt, Anger and Fear Pushed Upon Us By Others

I am scared for my Claire Bear. I am scared that my child who is being extremely well taken care of by several doctors, not to mention her parents is facing a very hard life ahead. I am not afraid that her diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome will be her challenge, but rather people who do not understand or care to try to understand. We have been challenged by people we thought closest to us regarding her diagnosis and our approach in parenting. As her mother, my judgement has been brought into question and that hurts the most. I have been suffering right along side of my daughter from the time that she was 6 months old, waiting for a diagnosis that made sense and now that we have it, it is being assumed that perhaps she is fine and that it is me that has the problem. Perhaps I have not gotten enough opinions, perhaps my child is normal and I just can't handle the pressures of parenthood. To those who have these opinions or assumptions, I say GOODBYE. Your presence in our lives is no longer needed nor appreciated. We have been working with this for almost 6 years now and we do not need your judgement. If you cannot be supportive do not call, do not visit, do not write. We do not need this process to be any harder or more painful than it already is. You are free to take your opinions to someone who wishes to keep them. As for us, we have enough junk, we don't need yours.


Michelle said...

You are a very strong person with a lot of love. I have seen you put yourself out for people over and over again, sometimes sacrificing what yourself in the process. Anyone would be blessed to have you and your family in their lives. I love all of you and will pray for you.

Mary said...

Aubrey, I am sorry that people you thought were there for you aren't. But, you are right. If they are not there for you then you don't need them. You have enough to deal with besides judgements. Praying that you may continue to find strength.

todavine said...

It is very hard, when you feel someone is judging you and/or your chiild for a conditon your child has that you had no control over. Praying that you continue to find strength and support for all that you are going through.

Chad~Nicole said...

Oh, Aubrey! I know if you face these new challenges with prayer you'll be guided to do the things you know are right for you and your family. I'm one tough cookie, but the two things that I can't stand are when I feel slighted as a wife and/or mother.