Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Absolutely Sick

Tonight in reading the newspaper online about my neighbors little girl who drowned, I came accross many hurtful comments blaming the parents for this tragedy. I am so sick to my stomach. I am so angry at people right now. How dare they. I could not leave it be and so I had this to say to all of them:

To all of you that have commented I have this to say. Have you wondered how you would feel if this was your friends, your neighbors, your family? It is true that drownings can be prevented most of the time but when a child dies in this sort of accident, why is this there immediate need for complete strangers to point blame when they know nothing of the people they are pointing at. I am neighbors to this poor family. Rachel was a 5 year old just like my daughter and she would ache to know the hurtful aweful things that you people are saying. Her parents will live with this the rest of their lives. They will have the guilt, the loss, the "what if's." They don't need your ridicule. Heaven forbid you ever do something wrong in your life and something tragic happens. My heart aches not only for this little family but for those of you that do not have the heart to simply grieve for them but spout ugly accusations and hatred their way.

I pray for these parents. I know that this is something I would struggle with the rest of my life. I pray for people in general that they can be more forgiving, more loving and more like our Savior Jesus Christ.


Stephanie said...

I am glad you posted that, I can't believe people are so quick to judge when they don't know what happened! How is the other little girl? I hope she is doing well. My thoughts are with them, I can't imagine what they have been through and what they are going through. Hope you guys are also doing well, take care. Love you guys tons!

PetersonFam4 said...

I just hope the Allen's don't read the negative press! How sad that people would make this horrible tragedy harder to bear by pointing the finger!

The Whatcott Fam said...

Amen, Aubrey...I started reading the comments a few days ago and was just sick to my stomach and had to stop. People are so quick to judge, aren't they?