Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh my...what a very, very hard and sucky week. Claire came home on her last day of school (before the break)early with a fever. Little did I know it was the flu and was going to go through everyone in the family except for Matt. He's the only one who has had a flu shot. This has been most aweful! Claire and Nora both landed in the ER because I could not keep them hydrated or keep their fever's under control. Matt had to come home early from work yesterday to take care of everyone because I was stuck in my bed. He was pissed too. He's just so stressed and we just seem to make it worst. I hate being a burden to him. I wish I was a stronger and more capable person. I am going to have to be because my husband just can't handle the stress anymore. I am just going to have to put on a happy face and make things fine becauseI can't afford to lose him.

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