Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not Too Long Now!

I AM HUGE! I am now the size of a small house. It is getting hard to move and sit and clean and breathe but I am completely happy that Naomi is doing well inside of me and that she will be coming in less than 3 months! I feel like I am getting bigger by the day (and since the last ultrasound indicated that she only weighed 3lbs 5oz,) I probably am.

On another note, we started a very early church schedule today and I LOVE it! We start at 8am and it seemed like the time flew! Sacrament meeting was a little hard, literally. We had to sit on the chairs in the back and pregnancy combined with fibromyalgia does not make for a happy time on hard chairs. We are either going to have to get up an hour earlier or take a pillow or something for me to sit on. Won't that be fun! So far 2010 has been good. There have been a few frustrating things pop up but I am not going to let it get me down! I will say that I am soooo excited that school starts tomorrow!

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