Monday, March 22, 2010

A Day of Firsts...

Today was my first day completely alone with all four of my children. Isn't that crazy that I have 4 kids??? I love it. I am so blessed. I must admit I was very overwhelmed but that the day went better than I thought it would. Poor Naomi has been a very fussy baby since coming home from the hospital and both of us have gotten very little sleep. Today we tried Milacon drops and they are a life saver! She had her first nap that lasted three hours today, she had her first trip to the park and her first enjoyable experience in her baby swing without the kids. I was able to keep the house clean and take the kids outside and to the park to play! I am tired tonight and ready for a bath and a good movie but everyone is bathed and alive, what more can I ask for???

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