Friday, April 2, 2010


Well, we are finally home from the hospital and hoping that things can begin to resemble normal soon. I would say go back to normal but normal for us hasn't been that great for the past two years and so I want someone else's normal. Ivan is such a trooper. He has been good to let me change the dressings on his neck even though the wound is not stitched shut and hurts him very badly. They left it open so that it could drain if needed and so he has about an inch long gash in the side of his neck that goes clear down into the muscle. He rarely asks for pain medication which tells me that he is a much stronger person than me. Today they did a TB test on him at the doctors office because they said sometimes that can cause this kind of an abscess. He has been so tough but he has had it. I don't blame him. It is so hard to watch your child go through something painful, it makes me think of Heavenly Father and all he must have suffered when he watched as his son was tortured and crucified. I am so thankful for these little angels that the Lord has seen fit to bless us with. Sure it is hard to raise four children but it is the best thing in the world. I love my husband and children so much and am so grateful for them. I know that we have had a rough time lately but it only brings us closer.

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Lynnette said... are a strong mom and your little Ivan has learned that from you. He is a strong little boy and everything will be ok. You guys have been through a lot this year...and you all are amazing. Someday Im going to meet your little family! Love you and Im praying for you =)