Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Place Like Home

Matt and I spent yet another night in the ICU of St.Josephs hospital last night. We started at the internal medicine doctor yesterday but when they checked his temperature it was 101.7. The doctor sent us straight back to the hospital suspecting that we were dealing with an infection in Matts shunt or possibly menengitis. We were very worried and tired. They took large needle and a pressure gauge and tapped into his shunt to retrieve some cerebral spinal fluid. They sent it off to be cultured. There was protein in it which indicates infection. The resident consulted infectious diseases and together they decided that they needed to watch him for ventriculitis (an infection in the ventricles in the brain). They admitted him to the ICU and it was all too familiar. They watched his fever closely overnight and waited for more results. Finally this morning when his fever had broken they discharged him and said that they would continue to culture the fluid. If it comes back with any growth they will call the doctor and we will be headed back. We are praying for NO growth. Tonight I had a small meltdown. The situation caught up with me and all I could do was cry. It is so hard to watch him suffer. We are dealing with some very bad news that accompanies all of this and from time to time that hits us as well. We have felt the love and comfort of the Lord through all of this and have faith that he will carry is through. In the meantime there certainly is "no place like home."

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Emily said...

Praying for the best!

Take care of yourself Aubrey. Everything will work out.