Saturday, September 4, 2010

When You Love Someone

Matt was admitted to St. Joseph's hospital 4 days ago and underwent major brain surgery yesterday. He had what was called a ventriculostomy to open the ventricles in his head and allow the cerebral spinal fluid to regulate. His inter-cranial pressure has been high since the surgery and in the middle of the night last night they had to open the valve in his head and release 75 ml of cerebral spinal fluid that hangs in a bag next to his bed. It is a little disturbing to see what should be on the inside, on the outside. He is doing well today but his blood pressure is very high. He ran a post-op fever over night but it has come down tonight and he has been able to sit up in a chair and even walk to the bathroom. We are preparing for the good possibility of another surgery tomorrow or at the latest Tuesday. While the ventriculostomy was successful, his pressure has been rising. Because they had to drain him last night there is a chance that they may have to put in a permanent shunt. If they have to drain him tonight then we know for sure that the shunt surgery is coming. We had some very hard news along with the surgery that has changed our lives. We are very unsure what the future holds for us and we have learned that time is precious. We have a lot of changes coming that we can talk about freely at a later time. There have been a lot of tears shed by many and a lot of tears yet to be shed. Matt's step-mom was able to fly down to watch the kids so that I can spend all the time possible at the hospital. Matt's dad is coming down as soon as he can and we are going to spend some quality time as a family. When you love someone you depend on them being there always. When anything happens to that someone it is as if part of you is missing. I knew I loved my husband with all of my heart, I just didn't realize that our hearts had become one until yesterday they began to ache together. We will remain positive and absolutely in love. We will record everyday so that we have tangible memories and we will smile more.


Mary said...

Aubrey, keeping you all in my prayers. I read somewhere a quote that said something like "when times get hard, you hold on to each other."

garffdog said...

Sorry our time has been cut short. I love you honey!