Saturday, February 5, 2011

Has It Only Been One Week?

A week ago today we were moving in to our new house. I can't believe it has only been one week. I think the more tired you are, the slower time goes. lol. It has been a crazy week ending in the flu for me which is most disappointing because I had a flu shot. I was so blessed to have one of my dearest friends take my kids on Friday from 7am-7pm and I slept all but 3 of those hours! Today I have refused to be sick and let me tell you how well that is working out for me...
Things are good. We are so thankful to be past this moving business and I was feeling like such a slacker because we were not unpacked and then I realized that it has only been a week and so the progress I have made seems phenomenal! Many good things have happened this week despite the exhaustion and the flu.
Ivan had his second flag football game today and he made a Touch Down! I love watching him play, it's so fun! He is getting so big!
Matt's wonderful Aunt Judy called me this week just to chat and she is such an awesome person! It was nice to chat with her. She sent us some books that I can't wait to read. I have got most of our things unpacked. I still have the garage to tackle but it is mostly a matter of organizing because there are very few boxes and tons of bikes and strollers! The laundry is mostly done despite the two days I spent in bed! We were able to take the kids to a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese today and they had a most awesome time! Matt and I had a most awesome time not paying! I had a chance to help my mom set up her own blog this week. It was cool to have something in common with her. It was neat to share my love of blogging with her. She and my Dad are leaving for a mission to Nauvoo in a week and she wants to be able to share their experiences with us. Their blog address is check it out! The list is longer but I pinched a nerve in my arm when we moved and my two middle fingers are numb so for now this is all. It has been a very long week but most of it was good.


Miss M said...

will we get to see pictures of the new place? I'm glad you're settling in quite nicely.

Emily said...

I want to see pictures also! Don't stress...we've been in our house 2 years and still aren't done unpacking.

I didn't know your mom and dad were going on a mission! That's very exciting!