Friday, January 25, 2013

Crazy Busy

It has been super crazy at our house lately. There are lots of changes happening and I'm crazy busy most of the time! We started homeschooling Nora and Claire which is quite a chore but it is worth it. It is neat to see the things they are learning first hand and even learn with them! I have been very impressed with the k12 academy and we are planning on he schooling them next year as well. Soon there will be another big change for our family! I am going to start school myself! In March I am starting nail school so that I can help support our lite family. I will homeschool kids during the day and learn how to do awesome nails at night and on Saturdays. I am very excited for this opportunity. We are starting to see the Lord's will at work in our lives. There have been revelations that are unexpected but we see now that it is all for our good. I have found myself working harder than I ever have for the welfare of my family. I am striving to educate them both temporally and spiritually and it is quite a job. I am ensuring that we will have income if heaven forbid Matt can't work. I am starting to feel more confident about our future and although I am exhausted, it is a good feeling.

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