Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good Books!

The woman that I babysit for (Tami) let me borrow the book series entitled "The Twilight Series". I had previously sworn that I would not read these books because Everyone else was and I didn't want to read something just to be like everyone else. I could NOT put them down. Each book has around 500 pages and I read all three in 4 days. They were so good. I am now on a waiting list for #4 which comes out in August. In the meantime, the author "Stephenie Meyer" has written another book called "The Host". It is not part of the series but I have heard it is great. I called Tami today to see if I could borrow it from her when she was finished and instead she bought me my own copy! It was so awesome. I can't wait to start reading it tonight!

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Emily said...

I just read them a couple of weeks ago too. I LOVE THEM! I was the same way as you and couldn't put them down. I think I read all three in a little over a week. I had borrowed them from my sister in law and as soon as I finished them I went out and bought all three so I could read them again. I can't wait until August for the fourth one! And December for the movie! Have you seen who's playing Edward? He's not quite how I pictured him but still perfect for the part. Yay!