Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rainy Day

Today was a very rainy and even snowy day. Mostly Slush, not snow but it made life a little frustrating. The kids were stuck inside all day and they have gotten so used to being outside that it was hard on all of us. It get's so hard sometimes, especially because our kids don't listen very well. Matt says it's because I give in to easily but it's so hard not to when they are nagging all of the time. I love being a mother but days like this one make it hard to keep going. Nora is getting so big though! She is so ready to walk it is not funny. She will let go of your hand, take one step and then sit down. I think she is like me. She has figured out that the more verticle you become, the more people expect of you. She's a smart one :) ! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! And hopefully the sun will shine!

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