Monday, May 26, 2008


Over the past months we have had a lot going on with friends. Matt has had the opportunity to baptize two of our friends kids, Kaiden and Davin. Claire has been so excited both times and is always telling us that tomorrow she is going to be baptized by her daddy. It was a neat experience for himand obviously had a large impact on Claire. We have had several get togethers with families that Matt has kept in touch with over the years. This picture on the Motorcycle is Matt hugging Rick, his friend Kevin's dad. Many have asked if it was so he wouldn't fall of but was Matt trying to be obnoxious. Those of you that know Matt well will not be suprized by that. It has been a busy time for our family but it has been fun. The weather is getting nicer and we have more and more opportunities to get out and be with friends. We were able to go to the canyon the other night and have a fire with our friends the Yarbrough's. Nora thought it was so great to crawl around in the dirt and just try to eat everything on the ground. Claire and Ivan had a blast roasting Marshmallows and throwing sticks into the fire. It was a great night away for us. Things are busy but good.

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