Monday, August 18, 2008

Back Home...For Now

Yesterday, (Sunday August 17,2008) was the last day of our house hunting trip in Arizona. Matt and I got up first thing in the morning and planned another day of house hunting. We would have loved to relax and enjoy the pool but we felt that we must utilize all of the time that we had there for planning our move. The evening before we had driven through Mesa Arizona. We were hoping to find the temple but we were unsuccessful. We were not impressed with the area but I think we were in the wrong part of Mesa for successful house hunting. After we returned to the hotel on Saturday night I spent hours online looking for smaller houses that would be closer to where Matt's new office would be. I found a list of 17 houses that I would potentially come back and see. We were able to drive around Chandler Arizona on Sunday and view the outside of many of the houses I had viewed online the night before. There were many beautiful ones and many that we were able to cross off our list. The plan is to make and offer on a house as soon as we get an offer on our house and it goes under contract. If we are not successful with any of the houses that we were able to tour, I will fly down by myself for a day when we have the house under contract and view the three bedroom houses and make and offer on one. That will be hard because we will be paying for the trip ourselves but it will not be too expensive and now that I know the area, getting around will be a piece of cake. We are now just praying that our house will sell. We have had many viewers and many that "almost" made offers but they found bank owned properties that were 5,000 dollars less than ours. Right now we are feeling very nervous and discouraged. We are trying to do what the Lord is asking of us but it is so hard and we are meeting trials at every step. It is hard not to feel like we will be homeless and jobless in a few months. We are striving to do everything that the Lord wants of us though and so I know that it will work out the way he wants it to. In the meantime we will have to pray for comfort and knowledge that we will be okay.
We were so glad to be home and see our children. I think Matt was glad to be back in Utah but I was sad because I feel that Arizona is where our little family is meant to venture.



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