Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can't Win For Losing

Today has definately been the kind of day where I certainly should have stayed in bed. It started out very well. Believe it or not I took 6 kids to Target to grocery shop today and we all made it out alive and without yelling and screaming at one another. The older kids were such a great help. After we got home, things took a turn for the worst. The daycare kids that I watch were still so great, the oldest wanted to make lunch and so with my supervision she did and it was delicious! She loves to cook and I told her today that she should go to cullenary school. The afternoons this week have been so hard with Claire and Ivan. Ivan has hit that stage where he doesn't think that he needs a nap. He does great until about 3 pm and then he either crashes or throws fits for the next 4 hours until bedtime. Claire has been having melt down after melt down since Monday when Matt and I got home from Arizona. We started her on some medication for her ADHD. I have been working so hard on dealing with this in a possitive way with her so that she could be as happy as possible. I have felt for a very long time that along with her counseling she needed medication. Her psychiatrist finally agreed and so for the past week she has been on Medidate. The first two days were a great improvement. She spent the weekend at my Mother and Father's house and they said that she did great. This week though, something has gone terribly wrong. The only thing I can think is that it would be the medication. It is such a drastic change in her behavior and there is nothing here at home that has changed. The doctor told us to take her off the medication for 2 days and then start it again to see what the difference is, if any. It is so hard to be patient when dealing with these out of control melt downs. I know that she is not happy either and that is what breaks my heart. I felt so much like I was doing the right thing but now I am questioning that. It seems like that has been happening a lot lately. Just when I think that I am doing the right thing or feeling the right thing, it all comes into question. So in addition to all of this heartache and hardship today, Ivan broke a light in his room and Claire colored our brand new computer with sharpie. FYI rubbing alcohol takes Sharpie off of computer keyboards and computer screens. Thank goodness because this computer is not even a week old! To top off this day, my brand new phone stopped working. I can receive calls but cannot dial out. The only key that will work on the phone is the power button! I swear, somehow I am doing something wrong in life to make everything fall apart. A great friend of mine came to the rescue and let us use one of their old Verizon phones while we wait for our new one to come in the mail. Man, I hope that tomorrow is better!

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