Thursday, August 21, 2008

So Confused!

Well, Matt has an interview tomorrow with a company here in SLC. If he were to get the job it would be a 10k pay raise a year. That would be incredible. We also found out today that there is a place in Arizona called Queen Creek that would be about the same distance from Hanjin there than Tooele is from Hanjin here. Well, I was looking at those homes and they are incredible. They are cheaper than Chandler where we were looking but they are all near 3,000 sq. feet and the largest one that I found had 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. I could not believe it. I never ever thought that we might be able to afford something like that. It's not even bank owned or anything! So now I am just as confused as ever. I want Matt to be happy and I want what is best for us. I know that we need a bigger house because our family is still growing and I want to move out of Utah. I know that this job here in SLC would be a great financial gain for us. Man, it's all so confusing. Even though great opportunities keep coming up here in SLC, I just keep finding myself drawn to AZ. I am so confused. It will all work out how it is supposed to but I am not a patient person.

This is a small taste of Queen Creek Arizona:

Here is one of the local golf courses:

Here is an example of what the houses look like:

This is a picture from the neighborhoods in bloom festival that they have every year:

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