Friday, August 22, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Only 9am!

So I don't know about everyone out there but the phrase "Thank goodness it's Friday" does not apply to me and mine. I don't know what it is about this day but it seems to be the hardest one of the week. The kids are out of control (more than usual) and by Friday I am just too tired to deal with it! So already this morning even though it's only 9am, Ivan has emptied a shelf in the hall closet, wasted a whole box of band aids, pulled hot dogs out of the fridge and has been throwing them at the wall! Most people would be able to laugh at this kind of thing but because it is so usual at my house, it is just not funny.


(Ivan reminds me very much of a character from one of our favorite books by David Shannon called "NO DAVID!")

The dog pooped on the carpet downstairs which is usual when we leave her here when we go out of town. For several days after we get back she must just be pissed at us.

Nora is already down for her first nap of the day because all she has done since she woke up is cry.
Where am I during all of this you may ask? Well, I have been busy trying to help Claire find the tithing money that she took from me and lost. She insists that someone stole it. Nothing here is safe. All of this has happened in the hour that I have been out of bed. I cringe at the thought of what else might happen during the rest of the day. So as others are glad that it is Friday, I am wishing that the day were over already. I swear that Ivan is out to sabotage my efforts to keep this house clean for showing. Everyday I have to rush around cleaning like a mad woman!

My little family means the world to me, it's just so hard to keep it all together!

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