Monday, September 15, 2008

What to Say About Today...

Today was a very busy day and for that I am thankful. We were up early to get Claire ready for preschool. She is absolutely loving school this year and she is doing so well in her second year of preschool. Last year we had to take her out half way through the year. I am grateful for that though because it was a bit of a trial run and now she is doing awesome! While she was at school I worked in the yard to make sure it looked as good as possible. We are now in a price market where there is tons of competition. It is not looking good for us and so our house has to stand out. After picking Claire up I went to the doctor for one last time before going to Arizona and then spent the rest of the day in court with a good friend. I am testifying on his behalf in a custody case and he had a small victory today. It was so nice to focus on someone other than us for a little while. I am really starting to get scared about not selling this house. I think we may have to come down in price again. Daily I plead with the Lord that someone will come through who will see the happiness that has filled these walls for the last 3 years and want to make it their own. I am not sure how much longer we can stay sane.

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