Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our New Home

So, I realize that it is not technically ours until we close on the 30th of October, but this is the house that we have under contract here in Arizona. It is about 45 minutes from Matt's work which is a bummer but we are going to be getting a small car or a motorcycle for him to commute with. The kids and I drove out to the house today just to take a look at the outside again. We stopped at the local park and played for quite a while. We also met the neighbor that lives 2 doors down from the house. She was so nice. She has 5 children, two of which are very close in age to Claire and Ivan. She was LDS and so she could tell me a little bit about the ward that we will be attending. All I have to say is that it has 6 nurseries. That explains everything. No, seriously we are so excited to move into our new home. So far everything is going smoothly. The appraisal is tomorrow and our inspection is Thursday and after that it is just paper work. We are counting down the days!

We will be living in the Castlegate community!

Above is the first park that you come to when you drive into the community. It is about 4 blocks from our home.

Above is the park that is literally behind our house. If we were to climb over our fence we would be there.

Above is a picture of the elementary school that you can see from our back yard. It is the school that Claire will be attending next fall.

Above is the front view of the house!

Above is the view down the hall as you walk into the formal living room. The room at the end of the hall is the family room that adjoins the kitchen.

Above is a partial view of the formal living room.

Above is a picture of my kitchen! I am so excited about the fridge that they are leaving me! It also has a flat top range, built in microwave and tile floors!
Just behind the kitchen is a half bath for visitors.

Above is a picture of the family room that ajoins the kitchen. I am so excited to have a family room and a living room so that when people come over they won't walk straight into our mess!

Above is a picture of the upstairs loft which will be primarily the play room for the kids. There is 3 bedrooms off of the loft and a master bedroom with it's own bathroom and walk in closet. There is also a full bath off of the loft for the kids.

On Thursday when I am in the house again, I will get some pics of the bedrooms for those who care to see them!


Queen M said...

Aubrey, it is beautiful!!! I love the little loft area and that kitchen is beautiful!!! Justins commute is about the same. Just couldn't get closer to have the size of house we needed. And that is awesome that there are members right near you with kids your kids ages. We are near the church, but no members very close at all. Yay for you guys.

Queen M said...

Oh and I was going to also say that the zero scaping is perfect for you guys.

Jen said...

Wow, what a great house!