Saturday, October 18, 2008

Starting to Wear on Us...

The past two days have proved two things...Our luck has gone bad and this whole situation is starting to wear heavily upon our little family. Yesterday was a bad day for me from the start. Our tiny little hotel room flooded and I rear ended a car on the freeway. Luckily there was minimal damage to the other car and no damage to my van. Our room was another story. We were lucky that only the stuff that we had on the floor of the bathroom was damaged but the kitchen and carpet were covered in a half inch of toilet water. It even ran through the floor and came out of the lights in the lobby below us. Did they shampoo the carpets in our room or even offer to move us to another room? No, they shop vacuumed the water up gave me some towels and left. Claire is having a very, very hard time. She has missed her friends in Tooele so badly. Tomorrow we are going to go to our new ward even though we have not moved into our house yet. I am hoping that she can find a friend and know that she will be able to see them and play with them again soon. She is incredible, she has such an easy time making friends. It breaks my heart when we have to leave the mall or the park because she always says she wants to play with her best friends. She is desperate to be able to play with the same friends everyday. I am desperate for space. I cannot believe we have made it this long in this tiny room. We have been told that our house will most likely close this next Friday instead of the 30th and we are hoping so much that it will. We are not praying for it however because the Lord has already given us so much that we feel it would be a little selfish to keep asking for the date to be pushed up. I am so grateful that we found a house when we did. I know that we can last in this hotel room for another week or so but we could not move from here to an apartment, it would kill us. I think this situation will help us to appreciate what we had and what we will have so much more. We are glad that we came, but we will be glad when this inbetween time is over.

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