Sunday, October 26, 2008

We're here!

We are in our new home for three days and counting and we are loving it! We are sleeping on air mattresses for now and we are living out of our suit cases but we are so happy to be here. There is just so much space. You would not know it however because the children, especially Nora insist on being in the same room with us all the time. I imagine it will be that way until they get used to living in a new house. It doesn't help that I set off the security alarm twice and they had no idea what it was. It scared them so bad. Claire started telling people that she hates this house because it's loud. What she fails to mention is that I ended up being the hero of that story by breaking into the master box and figuring out the code to turn it off. On another note, I met one of the neighbors before we moved in and she and her husband have 5 children. They have one for each of our children's age. Today we walked down and introduced ourselves and the kids are so excited to play tomorrow. My mom comes on Friday and we are so excited! We are counting down the days. We miss home very much but all is well.

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